Are You A Woman With Androgenic Alopecia? A Guide To Understanding How PRP Treatment Works To Stimulate Growth

Androgenic alopecia is often referred to as male pattern baldness. Yet, you know all-too-well that this condition is not only relegated to men. Living with alopecia as a woman can interfere with your self-esteem, and you may even feel the need to cover up your head so that other people do not notice your thinning hair.  While hats and wigs can add to your appearance, there is also something exciting about the possibility of being able to stimulate new hair growth on your scalp. [Read More]

Four Ways To Feel Beautiful When You're Undergoing Chemotherapy

Cancer is a difficult illness, and the treatment can be equally trying. When you're undergoing chemotherapy, it can be hard to feel attractive. Between nausea, weakness, and other side effects, you may not even be feeling like yourself. Here are four tips to help you feel beautiful while you undergo chemo. 1. Invest in a cold cap. A cold cap is a special piece of headwear that's used to keep cold packs on your head. [Read More]

4 Things You Need To Know About Beard Balms

Coming up with a beard care regimen can improve the appearance and healthiness of your hair. One class of products that people frequently use is beard balm. These balms are intended to condition hairs and making the skin more comfortable, but the array of products on the market may have you wondering where to even begin your search. Customers need to be mindful of these four potential concerns when buying beard balm tins. [Read More]

The Truth About Head Lice

Head lice are tiny bugs that will attach themselves to your hair and scalp, lay eggs and can spread around easily to others. Lice can make your scalp itch and can just about make you crazy if you've spotted them in your own hair or on someone else's hair in your home. Read on for helpful information about head lice so you may know the truth about lice. Lice Does Not Care If You're Rich Or Poor [Read More]