4 Things You Need To Know About Beard Balms

Coming up with a beard care regimen can improve the appearance and healthiness of your hair. One class of products that people frequently use is beard balm. These balms are intended to condition hairs and making the skin more comfortable, but the array of products on the market may have you wondering where to even begin your search. Customers need to be mindful of these four potential concerns when buying beard balm tins. [Read More]

The Truth About Head Lice

Head lice are tiny bugs that will attach themselves to your hair and scalp, lay eggs and can spread around easily to others. Lice can make your scalp itch and can just about make you crazy if you've spotted them in your own hair or on someone else's hair in your home. Read on for helpful information about head lice so you may know the truth about lice. Lice Does Not Care If You're Rich Or Poor [Read More]

Four Ways To Get Your Legs Ready For Summer

The summer months are quickly approaching and with the hot, sunny weather comes shorts, swimsuits, and sandals. In order to look your best, you'll want to start giving some much-needed attention to your legs. Here are four ways to get your legs ready for summer. Make Them Look Strong and Healthy Whether you have really skinny legs, or they look chubbier than you would like them to, there are some things you can do to make them look strong and healthy. [Read More]

4 Possible Obstacles To Getting The Botox Treatment You Really Want And How To Overcome Them

You think you want to try Botox—no, you're sure you want to try Botox, but your mind is buzzing with questions, worse-case-scenarios, and a few personal inhibitions you may have. What do you do? Should you just take a leap of faith and schedule the appointment? No. Not at all. You should first become as educated about the procedure as possible, learn how specific circumstances may apply to you, and have all your questions answered. [Read More]